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Rebecca Hufford

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Transitional and Transactional Coaching,

Experience the Art of Change

Now offering customized hypnotherapy/hypnosis recordings via MP3 or CD

Is there something you would like to work on through hypnosis, but you don't have the time or resources to come into an office?

I am now offering customized hypnosis recordings at a fraction of the cost of individual session with a hypnotherapist. Give me a call at 503-560-4774 and after a brief interview where I can determine your needs I can create a hypnosis session, using places and cues that are created just for you.

The cost for one prerecorded session is only $50.00 and if multiple sessions are prepaid the cost per session is $45.00. 

Some of the issues that hypnosis recordings can be used for include:

  • Self control
  • Pain relief
  • Apprehension
  • Increasing confidence
  • Increasing creativity
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Increasing memory
  • Increasing learning capacity
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs
  • Enhancing sales skills
  • Fear release
  • Stress release
  • Enhancing life strategies
  • Enhancing resourceful behaviors
  • Resource retrieval

Below you can hear an example of a recording that can be used for increasing confidence.

Recording of metaphor script on confidence

Music by Kevin MacLeod