Maersk Project Logistics

Planning, orchestration and end-to-end special transport services for large-scale industrial projects.

Whatever your project, we have the logistics

Whether it is setting up a large-scale factory, configuring solar panels across acers of land, opening new bridges to connect communities or providing relief in the wake of a natural disaster, at Maersk Project Logistics, we begin with your end state in mind and think backwards.

We offer the full spectrum of planning, orchestration and end-to-end specialised transportation services to manage the flow of project-related cargo according to the unique sequence, schedule and conditions of your project. 

In project logistics, the last mile is not simply a measure of distance but of complexity, and this is when we are at our best. By combining our team of project logistics experts with our global network of relationships and assets, we can help you make even the most difficult and complex of supply chain tasks seem easy.
Robin Townley, Business Product Owner, Maersk, speaks on Maersk Project Logistics and its benefits.

We provide project logistics services across industries such as

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Renewable energy
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Power generation
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Pulp and paper
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Aid and relief
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Government contracted logistics
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Industrial manufacturing

Why Maersk Project Logistics?

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The project logistics integrator
Our unique and powerful combination of global presence, assets, capabilities and scale help us deliver multi-modal end-to-end project logistics solutions to you. This ‘integrator’ approach is what differentiates us from others.
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Global expertise with local knowledge
Project logistics is all about sourcing heavy equipment from across the globe and delivering them to a single location, in the right sequence, at the right time. So, deep local knowledge is paramount. We combine our global expertise with crucial local details gained from our network of more than 100,000 Maersk colleagues in more than 130 countries.
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Managing specialised assets
We take an asset-right approach to every project we support, mixing owned or controlled assets with our broad vendor network to bring maximum control, efficiency and value to your project supply chain. From managing highly specialised transport assets to moving general project cargo, we understand that no two projects are the same.
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Planning & precision
Some projects take years to plan and execute, and some urgent shipments must be completed within hours, especially humanitarian logistics. No matter the schedule, we have the proper logistics planning to make sure that all cargo converges at a given destination site in the right sequence, with zero defects, in full and on time.

Our unique services  

Every project has unique transportation requirements. Maersk Project Logistics takes care of end-to-end planning and orchestration of your project-related logistics. Our services include:  
  • Breakbulk ocean
  • Specialised airlift
  • Vessel chartering
  • Specialised inland transportation
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Delivering humanitarian aid in time of need? Maersk Project Logistics can help

Be it natural disasters, conflicts or displacement of populations, we handle various emergency response operations with international disaster relief organisations such as UN partners, NGOs, and aid agencies to mitigate the impact on human lives. Read how Maersk Project Logistics helped Red One Medical deliver PPE to North America at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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A.P. Moller - rebeccahufford.completes acquisition of project logistics specialist Martin Bencher Group

A.P. Moller - Maersk announces the completion of its acquisition of Martin Bencher Group, a Danish project logistics expert with premium capabilities within non-containerised project logistics and global operations.
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Frequently asked questions

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