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Devising the right strategies

Achieving net zero and driving the necessary steps towards this transformation cannot happen in isolation. Political and government support, visibility and transparency in the supply chain, large scale infrastructure investment for sustainable fuels, technological capabilities, consumer and customer support–in short, collaborations and partnerships will be vital in reducing emissions. Our whitepaper takes a deep dive into this.
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Break down the obstacles, focus on the solutions

An automobile is made of tens of thousands of components that come from different corners of the world. This makes integrating sustainability into the automotive supply chain really challenging. Although it can seem daunting to make end-to-end automotive logistics eco-friendly, it is possible. Understanding the different challenges involved in the process and focusing on one eco-friendly initiative at a time can get you closer to your carbon-neutral goals.  
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Lead logistics to be the spark in the automobile’s electric future

Driven largely by government intervention, the automotive industry finds itself rapidly advancing towards an electric future. As OEMs build regional gigafactories and bring EV battery supply chains onshore, lead logistics has a large role to play in keeping components, raw materials and technology moving so production lines can churn out both ICE vehicles and EVs. ‘Regional Powerhouses’ is a whitepaper created by Maersk and Automotive Logistics that gives an insight into the automotive trends that the industry is adopting to make the shift to electric and how lead logistics can help OEMs reinvent and transform their supply chains.
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How do we steer towards better sustainability?

Carbon emission reductions in the auto industry are the need of the hour. What can manufacturers do to enable this? How can a logistics partner help? Maersk’s Head of Automotive, Antonio Fondevilla, explains it all.

What does the future hold?

The automotive industry is in the throes of a massive overhaul. What’s driving this change? What could the next 6 months look like? Listen to Antonio Fondevilla, Head of Maersk’s Automotive Vertical.

Driving in efficiency and sustainability: The BYD story

How did Maersk's integrated logistics solutions help BYD streamline a complex supply chain from end to end, while also ensuring that the technology company kept its carbon footprint in check?
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