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The future is bright for those who keep up with it. It happens to be true in the case of battery logistics too. By 2030, the sales of electric vehicles are expected to cross 27 million units. This means that battery manufacturers like you ought to develop and deliver the most efficient solutions.

Lithium batteries comprise almost 70% of the electric vehicle market share. Given the nature of their composition, their supply chain largely revolves around 4 key stages, each requiring unique handling.

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We power your battery logistics

At Maersk, our people, solutions, and network come together to ensure better cost efficiency, specialisation, and technology. So, you can rest assured that you enjoy a seamless battery logistics experience across the following stages:
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Refining and Electrochemistry
Our hazardous cargo supply chain helps us bring the raw materials for refinement to the designated facilities on time and as planned.
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Battery Cell
This is a chemically-sensitive stage, where every unit produced comprises electrolytes, an-odes and cathodes, which we extend our expert care and handling for.
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In this stage, we ensure that your battery cells are carefully packed together with our added terminals, whether the module setup is at the point of final assembly or not.
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Usually carried out closer to the automotive assembly location, we help you transport your batteries to international assembly locations and aftermarket suppliers with ease.
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Reverse logistics
We ensure that your damaged and used batteries are taken to the recycling/refurbishment centres across Asia, Europe and the US with greater efficiency.
Our cost, inventory, and network optimisation are designed to help your business grow, in terms of both - profits and your customer loyalty. With our growing expertise in automotive supply chain, you can now experience superior reliability, responsiveness, and resilience in your battery logistics.

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