Enjoy the convenience of digital payments and the security of a bank vault.

Money matters made simple

Whether you’re paying off an invoice, receiving a refund, or settling a dispute, managing funds is a nerve-racking task. Your mind remains restless until the cheque clears. And then comes the cumbersome task of maintaining records. MyFinance, our web-based finance management tool, simplifies fund transfers while keeping them secure. With the help of the latest innovations in payments technology, you can now sail through finance related tasks and still find enough time to focus on your day-to-day.
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Intelligent features
Faster payments

Peace of mind and convenience meet here

MyFinance incorporates the best of both worlds, offline and digital, and equips you with a highly secure and efficient platform to manage your funds.

Greater convenience, zero hassle

MyFinance is designed for your convenience and ease of use. It helps you make instant online payments, anytime and anywhere in the world, without the hassle of paperwork or visiting banks. Now you can check off the bulk of your payment-related tasks without compromising on your schedule.
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The all-in-one dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view of your finances to make swift business decisions. Access information like your account balance, upcoming payments, outstanding invoices, payment status reports and more, without so much as switching your screen.
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Faster settlements

When payments are resolved faster, everything that follows speeds up too. That’s why, on MyFinance, we have made settlement of payments, credit notes and disputes faster so that your cargo can be on its way sooner than ever before.
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100% secure

Be it your data or your vendor's, all transactions are protected by bank-level encryption standards. All card payments on MyFinance are PCI DSS compliant1 to protect your information and prevent fraudulent activity.

1 PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) is a global information security standard designed to prevent frauds related to card payments.

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Get started today

If you are not already a Sealamd customer, you can start by registering with our digital platform, which is our e-commerce hub. To get information on your invoices, making online payments and raising disputes, you will need to register on Once you receive your credentials, login to, click on MANAGE in the top-menu and then 'Go to MyFinance'.

MyFinance frequently asked questions