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Integrated logistics, in the palm of your hand

Without focusing on changes in market expectations, businesses can find themselves chained by their supplies and demands. Managing logistics across multiple teams, vendors and borders becomes a challenge that increases in complexity on a daily basis. The Maersk App assists you in getting better control of your supply chain. Our intuitive app is always ready with real-time updates on everything you need to keep your logistics on point and ahead of the game. See where your shipments are, and structure your supply chain based on the new market strategy. Welcome to the Maersk App. Get instant answers to your logistics concerns, in the palm of your hand.
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Stay linked to your supply chain

The unique features of the Maersk App not only simplify logistics-related tasks, but also give you up-to-date shipment information.
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Live notifications
Track your cargo on its journey with real-time alerts on changes.
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Simply select origin and destination port and confirm your booking.
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Always-available invoices
See all of your shipment’s documentation in just a few clicks.
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24/7 chat support
Talk to a Maersk expert whenever you need help or have a question.
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Get the Maersk Spot advantage
Avail the best rates, mark non-time-sensitive cargo as Rollable, book inland and ocean together, or access multiple Freetime Extension slots.
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Maersk Spot Alerts
Be the first to secure space by getting alerts when Maersk opens for bookings on your favorite routes.

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Being able to book anytime, anywhere we are, has made our daily operations more efficient. With Maersk App, we can easily check whether a Spot booking is open or not and if a schedule matches ours. Freetime Extension and detention charges are transparent and fully accessible at the initial booking stage. Lastly, the invoice checking is user-friendly and manages O/S in a much better way.
Poorvikaas Global Logistics

Book an advantage for your business

The Maersk App makes your life easier on the go, by simplifying how you manage various aspects of your shipment. Starting with price searches, the Maersk App provides you with options at every stage of your supply chain.
  • Price searches: Track rates on the go.
  • Maersk Spot: A simple and seamless way to transport your goods with ocean and inland, in one booking.
  • Ocean Contract bookings: Book your ocean contract shipment with just a few taps.
  • Less-than-Container Load: Get an instant LCL price and place a booking request.
  • Select price owner: Choose directly in the booking flow.
  • 24/7 access: Book your shipments anytime, anywhere.
  • Value added services: Book services like Value Protect.
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See your shipment across the seas

Stay up to date on your cargo with real-time status updates. Track specific shipments by marking them as ‘Favourites’,-for quick and easy access.
  • Shipment overview: Get a consolidated view of your shipments, tasks, logistics updates and information.
  • Favourites & Notifications: Mark your favourite among several bookings and get notified of any change in the shipment status immediately.
  • Tracking: Follow your cargo around the world 24/7 with real-time status updates.
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Deliveries documented to excellence

Forget about documentation and invoice issues to the Maersk App gathers all the documentation you need. You can also view and share all details of your shipments with other stakeholders in your network, at any time and from anywhere.
  • Invoice handling: See and download all your invoices on the Maersk App
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An all-rounder

The Maersk App is designed to make your life easier on the go. You can completely manage your entire shipment all the way from origin to destination with just a few taps.
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We are very satisfied with Maersk App! We use it regularly to place bookings as it is very helpful, agile and user-friendly.
VS Trans Lojistik LLP

Anything you need, we’re here to help

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Ready to ship?

Look up rates for new shipments and inland tariffs.
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Sales enquiries

Contact us and we will respond within the next two working days.